Price tag builder

Price tag builder will help you:

Use a modern browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

User manual

  1. Create Account and Sign In (so we can save your price tag)
  2. Open price tag builder by clicking link below
  3. Create new price tag template from the blocks on the left panel or edit ready-made template (File: Open)
  4. Remember that you are creating a price tag template, so do not fill it with your product data. The blocks will change the content to your data automatically when printing
  5. Change the appearance, size, position and font of the blocks using the right panel
  6. Save the template via the builder menu: File: Save As. Save it to My pricetags folder
  7. Your price tag template will appear among other templates on the price tag printing page, select it and print

If something did not work out for you - do not be discouraged, we will soon make a detailed video instruction!

Open Price Tag Builder (opens in about 15 seconds)

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